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Home 2010 - Overview At a Glance
At a Glance - 2010

The Challenge - 2010


The MSW Design Contest 2010:


The participating teams are asked to prepare their ideas about a Moon focused exhibit hall of MSW. The themes of the design are free to choose: they can feature historical missions like the Apollo flights or the Lunokhod, imagine first permanent colonies, show a complete "Moon city" with all the necessary facilities, or present future activities like regolith processing and mining of various minerals.

Submission will contain:

1) A basic plan of the layout

This will be an image document in A3 format (jpg or png) which

  • lists the featured blocks, (incl. a minimum of three interactive pushbutton sceneries)
  • contains a plan which shows the arrangement in a fictive model hall MoonDreams within an MSW realization; the layout surface should be at least 150m2 (this fits e.g. quite well into 16m x 16m room), but preferably not more than 250m2; the layout scale can be 1:87 (H0 Scale) or 1:100.
  • contains a legend (indicate here the scale you have chosen).

Register 2010

Registration is closed.

Registration for The MSW Design Contest 2010: MoonDreams is always for a team, even if the team will consist of only one member.

All data collected will be used only for the administrative purposes of the contest or as declared in our Privacy Policy.

To register a team You must have a registered MSW user; you can sign up here.


The Awards

There shall be three valued awards The MSW Design Contest 2010: MoonDreams - decided by the jury's judgement and an MSW Community's Prize,  voted for by registered MSW users.

The award ceremony is planned to be held in Budapest, November 2010.


The Jury 2010


Timeline 2010

  • 16th April 2010: Opening of Registration
  • 30th September 2010: Submission deadline
  • 1st October 2010: Submissions presented online
  • 1st October - November 2010: Jury decision, MSW community voting
  • November 2010: Award ceremony in Budapest
If you have any questions please write us to contest at minispaceworld dot com or directly from this website.