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The Challenge - 2010


The MSW Design Contest 2010:


The participating teams are asked to prepare their ideas about a Moon focused exhibit hall of MSW. The themes of the design are free to choose: they can feature historical missions like the Apollo flights or the Lunokhod, imagine first permanent colonies, show a complete "Moon city" with all the necessary facilities, or present future activities like regolith processing and mining of various minerals.

Submission will contain:

1) A basic plan of the layout

This will be an image document in A3 format (jpg or png) which

  • lists the featured blocks, (incl. a minimum of three interactive pushbutton sceneries)
  • contains a plan which shows the arrangement in a fictive model hall MoonDreams within an MSW realization; the layout surface should be at least 150m2 (this fits e.g. quite well into 16m x 16m room), but preferably not more than 250m2; the layout scale can be 1:87 (H0 Scale) or 1:100.
  • contains a legend (indicate here the scale you have chosen).

2) Visual design of the MoonDreams hall

This will show a layout overview image (jpg or png).

3) A detailed description of the design

The team shall explain - with somewhat between 1000 and 2000 words, approximately,but no longer than 2 A4 pages in a .pdf, .odt or .doc file

  • the motivation why this special design has been chosen
  • what is the "message" behind it
  • details of the major featured blocks and the pushbutton scenes.

4) Three (or more) Highlights

The task is here to create illustrations (jpg or png) and description - .pdf, .odt or .doc files - about selected details of the team's design, max. 2 A4 pages for a chosen highlight.

5) Optional

Teams can submit addtional 3D-Designs, animations or videos as well. Note, however, that such amendments are not a must and will not influence the jury's decision. They can, obviously, have effects on the Community's voting procedure. The drawings and the design illustrations can be made by hand - in this case they have to be scanned - or using software.

You might take a look at the presentation of one of the winners of the 2009 Design Contest, Team Space Lemur. And it is surely inspirative to visit Miniatur Wunderland, probably the most spectacular gathering of model railway talent ever assembled in a single place.


The contest is open to everybody in the world. Participation will formally happen in Teams; one-member teams are possible and teams can have a maximum of six members. In order to be eligible for participation, the Team must have a registered MSW user.

To register a Team for the MSW Design Contest 2010: MoonDreams the following information is required:

  • Team's name
  • Team's registered MSW User Name
  • Team Leader's full name


Submissions should be sent via email from the Team's email address - please zip and/or segment the files as far as possible - to contest at minispaceworld dot com with subject MSW Design Contest Submission.

Submission deadline is 30th September 2010, 23:59 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)!

We accept

  • an image file (jpg or png) for the basic layout plan, 300 dpi resolution, A3 format
  • an image file (jpg or png) for the visual design, 300 dpi resolution, A3 format
  • a .pdf, .odt or .doc file for the detailed description, max. 2 A4 pages
  • a .pdf, .odt or .doc file for each highlight, max. 2 A4 pages per highlight, with at least one image embedded.
  • images illustrating the highlights in jpg or png format, preferably with 300 dpi resolution.
The map and the illustrations can be hand-made (in this case you have to scan them) or created by software tools.

If you use published material (image, text, etc.), please ensure that they are available as public domain or similar (Creative Commons). Note that in many cases the rationale for fair use can be applied.

Example for submission

Team 007 submits an email to contest at minispaceworld dot com with subject MSW Design Contest 2010 submission with the following message:

Please find attached Team 007's submission for the MSW Design Contest 2010: MoonDreams.


James Bond, Team Leader

There are two zip files attached: and Team007 decided to describe 3 highlights and made an extra 3D-design of the MoonDreams exhibit hall. contains the files

  • Team007_Detailed_Description.pdf
  • Team007_Basic_Plan.pdf
  • Team007_Highlight_1.pdf
  • Team007_Highlight_2.pdf
  • Team007_Highlight_3.pdf contains the files

  • Team007_Basic_Plan.jpg
  • Team007_Visual_Design.jpg
  • Team007_Visual_Design_2.jpg
  • Team007_Highlight_1_image_1.jpg
  • Team007_Highlight_1_image_2.jpg
  • Team007_Highlight_2_image_1.jpg
  • Team007_Highlight_2_image_2.jpg
  • Team007_Highlight_3_image_1.jpg