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Our MiniSpaceWorld journey started on 1st May 2006. I visited Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg with my kids, then 8 and 10 years old. We were fascinated by the famous model railway layout and enjoyed the day very much. Then we spent the whole time during or way back to Kiel speaking about the idea to build something similar - but this time about space travel and astronomy. After this, I sat down and started to work out the details. The result is the MSW project - I am deeply indebted to my wonderful kids for the inspiration.

Since then, with the help of many people, we accomplished a lot.  Many thanks to all of them, too - without their help MSW would always remain a nice idea, not more. Still, we have much work lying ahead. Let us work together on what we hope to become a new kind of inspiration about space for many people - and fun for young and old!

Dr. Tibor Pacher

Running projects:

Photo exhibit about The MSW Design Contest 2009 - short report coming soon.

The MSW Desgin Contest 2010: MoonDreams

Finished projects

The MSW Design Contest 2009: Far Worlds - Best of Science Fiction.

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