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Home MSW - an Overview

Knowledge Transfer with Fun for Young and Old

Ad Astra! - The world of launch sites on earth. Image: Ferenc Gál
MiniSpaceWorld (MSW) aims to create a lively, interactive scale model world for Space flight and Astronomy, similar to big Model Railway Layouts. MiniSpaceWorld will use an interdisciplinary Ansatz to address  various cultural and technical aspects of these topics; it will help to get natural and human sciences closer to each other. Knowledge transfer embedded into an attractive leisure time activity will also help in raising sustainable interests for the natural and engineering sciences for pupils. Explicitly featuring everyday products originated from Spaceflight, Space Research and Astronomy – and also using them in the exhibition's operations - will enhance public awareness of the huge potential of Space and acceptance of spending taxpayers' money on Space Activities as well.

Planned content of MiniSpaceWorld

The complete layout will have about 1800 sqm in two levels for the exhibit; as a minimum.  Total area including service and supplementary rooms will be ca. 3000-3500 sqm accordingly. However, the modular concept of MSW allows naturally for enhancements; note that different local conditions may offer various possibilities.

Entrance Hall

The „Worlds“ of MiniSpaceWorld will cover the following topics:

  • Stargazers / Dawn of The Space Age

The world of Astronomy from Stonehenge via Galiei’s Fall Tower up to the most modern optical and radio telescopes, space telescopes.

  • Ad Astra!

Dynamic display of currently existing and planned Spaceports in motion: Space Shuttle launches in Cape Canaveral, Ariane starts in Kourou, Soyuz lift-off in Baikonur, Virgin Galactic Spaceport in New Mexico with SpaceShipTwo, Space Elevator, etc.

  • Space Elevator

Going into Orbit using the „Lift to the Stars“.

  • In Orbit

Over the heads of the visitors: satellites, old and new spaceships, space stations draw their circles in front of the background of the sky; under the feet of the visitors the rotating Earth is projected through a glass floor.

  • Exploring The Solar System

The life of the future Moon Bases; Everyday life of a Mars colony.

  • Far Worlds / Science Fiction

Best of Science Fiction – no limits for fantasy!

  • Size of The Universe

Multimedia installation to show Scales and Dimensions of Space.



Light and sound effects, especially for the rocket starts, day and night simulations in the different Worlds, historical and modern railways and other vehicles in motion, representation of everyday life scenes will enrich the visitors’ experience.

The control room of the layout becomes as "space control Centre" part of the exhibition; in the seminar room lectures about astronomy, space research and spaceflight are offered supplementing a visit of MiniSpaceWorld.

Under the motto Space for Everybody MiniSpaceWorld will explicitly feature products for everyday life originated from Space Activities. Depending on the MSW realization, - which will be location dependent - this can become even a separate MSW world. Using such spin-off technologies and products in the operations MSW will demonstrate this aspect in praxis as well – e.g. using the “electronic nose” for fire protection, developed originally for the European Space Agency as a contribution to the Russian Mir Space Station.

The scale of the model world will orient itself at the standard H0 (1:87) of railway modelling. In individual cases, depending on the size of the object, another scale can be chosen.

To our understanding the concept of MiniSpaceWorld is currently unique. There is no comparable model exhibition in the world, which - integrated and scientifically founded - presents a model layout for the topics space travel and astronomy, operated in real time.

Since 2001, the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg – this high quality railway model world has given the input for the idea of MSW -, attracts yearly over 700.000 visitors on the average, and is one of the best known tourist attractions of Hamburg. The impressive number of 4.000.000 visitors in total since  the opening in August 2001 was presented June 2007; the 5 millionth visitor came on 16th July 2008 (!).

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