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Team: Team Metamorphoses

Leader: Péter Lenzsér

City / State: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Team members: Péter Lenzsér, Kata Lenzsér-Mezei, Gábor Mezei

lenzser p

lenzser mezei k

mezei g
Péter Lenzsér (1965) architect, meanderer Kata Lenzsér-Mezei (1978) architect, jewel designer Gábor Mezei (1982) poet, literary translator

Team Metamorphoses

Basic Plan


Based on Ovid: Metamorphoses (VIII.)

There is one scene with different meanings:



3. Between the NEURONS

4. Towards THE INSIDE

5. Towards THE OUTSIDE


7. In the ENDLESS

As you roam about the world of the labyrinth you feel: this is déjà vu all over again. It has already happened with You! If it has not, it definitely will!

There are no exact spots here, but stages.

You have already read this book! (a sci-fi) Were not you the main character?

You are always looking for help: but you can only pushbuttons, everywhere!


scale: = 1m or endless (it depends on your decisions)

dimensions of the model: 16x16x16m

glasswalls: sometimes show your image reflected, sometimes allow to see the hole universe

glass slab: separates words, but renders soar

centre: the place of introversion

edge: the place of extroversion

there is not commentary. you have to interpret the situations

portable (personal) pushbutton, usable anywhere. it depends on you...

– Although the model is based on Ovid „Metamorphoses”, you will find your own story in the labyrinth.

metamorphoses_basic_plan.pdf  1.06 Mb

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Detailed Description

Encyclopedia Galactica

- A dictionary of Redefinitions -

echo. n (pl ~es) all you say is an ~ belonging to someone else speaking in a parallel universe. and when the cosmos comes to your mind. this someone thinks of the nervous system. you say it aloud. the word rebounds off the labyrinth’s wall. narcissus can never be himself.

interactive. adj understanding influences it’s object. you push the button. walls become transparent. you see through them straight away. still you have turns to take. you push it again. now the opaque glass floor becomes transparent. you see through everything. which means you are lost. you hastily reach for the button. pictures made of the cosmos disappear. you see images of the nervous system. now you are definitely everywhere. the button again. you hear king minos shrieking with laughter. and again. this time getting impatient. ariadne’s thread appears on the floor. now you can get out. or anywhere. as your understanding did change you.

labyrinth. n being eager to get the knowledge. getting towards the centre is getting inside. a neuron is like a celestial body. in space one is looking for him/herself. getting outside is getting inside. disappearance in a ~.

narcissus. n (pl ~es or -cissi) ~ looking for himself. he smooths one of his finger pads. he may be in the middle of this tiny labyrinth. but when he utters his name. only echo answers him. …-cissi!

rule. n guideline. ariadne’s thread. you can follow it or you can choose your own way. violate the regulations for a unique way. no risk, no fun.

sci-fi. n ovid had the first space that was so unknown inside, that it was rather like outside. the monster of the human-beast was hidden in those rooms encircled within themselves, with various windings to deceive the eye. even daedalus was puzzled how to find the secret ways of what he himself designed. a poor prisoner himself who had a strong desire to fly. son icarus tried to reach father sun. he left a world he got so high.

sixteen. number in a labyrinth you can never say which way is longer. distances can even be similar in either direction. imagine a cube that is 16m x 16m x 16m. distances. the palace of minos was built 16³ years ago in knossos.

soar. v great daedalus of athens, a man of ~ing fantasy languished for his native land. he could not leave cretan shores on water or earth. these were the dominions of minos. but air was free, though you can not fly low. surges wet your flagging plumes. neither high. the sun the melting wax consumes. you steer between both. in the middle of nowhere. transparency. walking on a high glass floor.

transformation. n models show the human spectator as the centre of the universe. spectators define things compared to themselves, but first they forget about their true sizes. a rightful model places things where they really belong to, while separating the essential from the insignificant. where you belong to is between the points where you arrive and where you started from. it is never the same. metamorphosis happens if you get inside. only from here can you look out. and see anything.



metamorphoses_detailed_description_1.pdf  1.35 Mb

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Highlight 1 - Your Story

Although the model is based on Ovid's "Metamorphoses", you will find your own story in the labyrinth. You have many chances:

  • Considering, or the loosing freedom
  • Macrocosm - microcosm
  • Hommage an Daedalus
  • Zoom-in, zoom-out
  • The endless is nearby
  • Meandering in the life
  • ...
  • Transformations

One single scenery can lead to thousands of inspirations!

Go ahead!

metamorphoses_highlight_1a metamorphoses_highlight_1b

metamorphoses_highlight_1.pdf  725.24 Kb

Highlight 2 - Phases of transformations

metamorphoses_highlight_2a metamorphoses_highlight_2b
metamorphoses_highlight_2c metamorphoses_highlight_2d
metamorphoses_highlight_2e metamorphoses_highlight_2f
metamorphoses_highlight_2g metamorphoses_highlight_2h

metamorphoses_highlight_2.pdf  890.78 Kb

Highlight 3 - Labyrinth of Imaginations

metamorphoses_highlight_3a metamorphoses_highlight_3b
metamorphoses_highlight_3c metamorphoses_highlight_3d
metamorphoses_highlight_3e metamorphoses_highlight_3f

metamorphoses_highlight_3.pdf  1.16 Mb

Highlight 4 - Labyrinth of Imaginations II.

metamorphoses_highlight_4a metamorphoses_highlight_4b
metamorphoses_highlight_4c metamorphoses_highlight_4d

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