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Team: Team SpaceLemur

Leader: Thomas Fetter Fogarasy

City / State:

Country: Hungary

Team members: Thomas Fetter Fogarasy

thomas_space_lemurThomas, aged 26, studies Visual Communication at the MOME, the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.

Team SpaceLemur's

Basic Plan



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Detailed Description

Exoplanet Atropos - About the Design

There are dozens of great sources, that can serve this design contest. After a lot of research I finally come to the idea, not to use specific sci-fi story for my project. The option that we can create a world that contains our own ideas was just too attractive. With Atropos I’ve designed sci-fi world from scratch by using alot of insiprations from all those works out there. Somewhere in the - not so far - future exoplanet Atropos is one of the first colonies outside our Solar system. Inspiration by Asimov’s writings plays a major part in this setting. On Atropos humans are having a symbiotic relationship with their androids. We can also see different ‘droids’ around the map (the term refers to a non-humanoid robot) In this installation we can explore different scenes of one specific planet.

The scenes are by no means offensive or violent: This design is made for families, children, it’s more about exploration, adventure and science. There is no intergalactic war or political instability: it is not part of the message. No robot uprising or riots on streets. However we can encounter pirates, bandits, wild animals and a giant hostile creature as well. This setting is somewhat idealistic, but not boring. I wanted to create a peaceful world full of possibilities and surprises. Breathtaking landscapes, underwater buildings, exotic creatures, mystic ruins, scientific exploration and some humour. That’s what I think Far Worlds should look like.

Key Concept

  • The most important element in this design is the LIGHTNING and all the SFX that comes with it (sounds, smoke effects by geyser) Manipulating the lights of a sci-fi mini-world is a must. Atropos is barely liten in some parts. The room itself is mostly quite dark. The goal is to achieve something like the SFUMATO effect (Sfumato is a term coined by Leonardo da Vinci. In particular, it refers to the blending of colours or tones so subtly that there is no perceptible transition). The dark backgrounds are blending subtly with the foreground, but some scenes are liten by small reflectors. The dark scenery of the installation, where details are hidden by shadows or are underlit. This adds a mystic feel to the whole. This is the key to make this World Far.
  • The second key is SCIENCE. Atropos is full of research stations, excavations, and facilities. We can see the dynamic process of the colonization. This is also an ‘educational’ aspect of the design.
  • The MESSAGE of Atropos is quite positive and optimistic. Humanity can and will reach the stars, encounter alien civilizations. I think, MSW should have this message... and it has it in the other rooms... so Far Worlds should be the same.


  • COLONIZED SECTORS: Colonized sectors are full of people and androids with quite good lightning
  • SEAWORLD: Seaworld is a salt sea with underwater buildings, and ambient lights
  • FLORA AND FAUNA: Atropos’s air is toxic for humans, but only for their lungs. It has native animals and vegetation.
  • XENO-ARCHAEOLOGY: Mysterious part of the design with alien ruins. Dark, and a little spooky.
  • THE BADLANDS: Harsh enviroment, only for the bravest explorers.
  • TOUCHSCREENS, INFO: Touchscreen computers with flash games and information about Atropos.

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New Hope City


city-01 city-02

Alien artifact: THE ORB


orb-01 orb-02

Shrine of Scriptures


shrine-01 shrine-02

Antworm! Giant Creature


creature01 creature02 creature03

Find the... Geologists


geolog01 geolog02

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