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We have ongoing collaborations with:

bonn_hungary_logo Bonn-Hungary Electronics Ltd., Hungary's leading space company
talentis_logo the Talentis Group, which is aiming to establish the first East-Central European Silicon Valley, next to Budapest
ailleurs_logoen Maison d'Ailleurs - The House of Elsewhere, Museum of Science Fiction, Utopia and Extraordinary Journeys.
moon-mine_logo-liten Moon-Mine - The Moon-Mine Project is a step in creating what the Moon-ISRU consortium has been planning since 1994: A demonstration facility to show that it is possible to create a self-sufficient human community on the moon.

Charles Simonyi - in a private communication - valued in the idea of MSW, amongst others, the possibility to show dense information from a bird's eye view, like in the world AdAstra! Earth's various spaceports are brought next to each other.

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