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The Worlds of MSW

Worlds of MiniSpaceWorld

Planned content of MiniSpaceWorld

The world of Astronomy from Stonehenge via Galiei’s Fall Tower up to the most modern optical and radio telescopes, space telescopes.

Dynamic display of currently existing and planned Spaceports in motion: Space Shuttle launches in Cape Canaveral, Ariane starts in Kourou, Soyuz lift-off in Baikonur, Virgin Galactic Spaceport in New Mexico withSpaceShipTwo, Space Elevator, etc.

Going into Orbit using the „Lift to the Stars“.

Over the heads of the visitors: satellites, old and new spaceships, space stations draw their circles in front of the background of the sky; under the feet of the visitors the rotating Earth is projected through a glass floor.

The life of the future Moon Bases; Everyday life of a Mars colony.

Best of Science Fiction – no limits for fantasy!

Multimedia installation to show Scales and Dimensions of Space.