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Team: Team Black Hole

Leader: Tamás Dongó

City / State: Győr, Győr-Moson-Sopron County

Country: Hungary

Team members: Tamás Dongó

Tamas_BlackHoleTamás, 15 years old, is attending the "Győri Jedlik Ányos Gépipari és Informatikai Szakközépiskola", a technics and informatics secondary school, in grade 9.



Team Black Hole's

Basic Plan and Design



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Detailed Description

I chose this design, becouse I like Budapest very much. I like the big buildings, and the older buildings between them. And my design is show you, what will happen with this beautiful city, if we can or we can't stop the global warming. In the first piece of Budapest (Utopia), you can see it, when everything is good. But in the second piece (Dystopia), you can see it, when everything is bad. The Danube is blue in Utopia, but in Dystopia it is dark blue, becouse everybody polluted it. The buildigs are different in them: in Utopia they have light colours, but in Dystopia they have dark colours. In Dystopia, the people don't save the old buildings, but in Utopia every old buildings are looks like now. The cars and factories are very noisy and they pollute the environment, but in Utopia everything is the opposite.

I like Star Trek and science fiction novels, so I put a space ship into my design. I chose this space ship, becouse it is one of the most modern ships, in Star Trek. It is my favourite ship too. I didn't want to put a space ship into my design, I wanted to put something more. And I searched for anything special, and I found the bubble, what the ship use to travel in hiperspace faster than light!

To the corner of the room, I put a big black hole. But it isn't a black hole: it's a wormhole! I wanted to show this special thing, what we can't visualise, becouse it's a 'shortcut' through space and time. It's a very good thing to travel in a very short time to very far. But we can't regulate these big holes, and we can't create them, if we haven't got a lot of energy. Einstein and Rosen discovered this, and later they thought if somebody fly into a wormhole, he can travel in the time, becouse in the wormhole the time is faster. If this supposition is good, it can be the biggest finding, what the people ever found, becouse everybody want to repair his error.

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Highlight 1 - Utopia

Team_Black_Hole_Highlight_1In the first block I created a scale-model of Budapest. This piece of the first block is show you Budapest in the future, when everything is good, and beautiful. The people found the answer to stop the global-warning. They don't risk, becouse they use free-energies: wind, sun. The Danube is clean and the pollution stopped. Everything is animated, everybody is happy. Budapest is very comfortable and good place. The bouildings are very colourful. The Parliament, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion looks like now, becouse everybody save it. On the walls of the buildings you can see everything: the weather forecast, the time, the date, the course of exchange, announcementes etc. Between the big buildings you can see little parks and trees. We don't use public transport, becouse everybody have an own car. But the cars haven't got wheels, becouse they fly. In the evening the buildings looks very nice, becouse they have a lot of leds, and other lights on their walls. Here is the first pushbutton. If you push it, you can see and hear few minutes of Budapest's life in the future. You can see on the walls: when they change their colors, videos and pictures. You can hear the bell of the Matthias Church, and the quiet noise of the cars and birds.

Highlight 2 - Dystopia

Team_Black_Hole_Highlight_2Dystopia is the other piece of the first block. It is show you Budapest in the 2050s, when everythig is bad, and uncomfortable. I put here black and dark-grey buildings, to show everything dark and insupportable. The Parliament is lean over to this piece. It looks very bad. It is black, and there are graffities on their sides. Between the big black buildings you can see the holdover of the Citadell. The Parliament and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge are lean over to this piece of the first block. The walls are dark, becouse there aren't any light. There aren't any parks and trees, the animals are nearly defunct. The cars are very noisy, and they pollute the environment. The people don't use free-energy. There is the second pushbutton. If you push it, you can see and hear few minutes of Budapest's life in the future. You can see, when the pollutant gas come out of the factories and cars. You can hear the noisy cars and the sounds of explosions. So it's the opposite of Utopia.

Highlight 3 - USS Enterprise-E

Team_Black_Hole_Highlight_3This is a big scale-model of USS Enterprise-E. This scale-model is show you the space-ship, when it goes in hyperspace. It has a warp drive, what makes a 'bubble' around the ship. The 'bubble' is put the ship into the subspace. After that the ship can fly faster than light. This 'bubble' isn't globe, it is a prolate globe, becouse if it goes in hyperspace, it prolate a bit along of the speed. This ship can be very fast. It can be 9.985 Warp fast. It can't be 10 Warp fast, becouse if it want to be 10 Warp fast, it need to have endless energy.

Highlight 4 - Black Hole

Team_Black_Hole_Highlight_4This is a big wormhole, what is evolved from a black hole. There is a pushbutton, and if you push it, you can see the blackhole, when it evolve to wormhole. After that, you can see an other galaxy in the middle of the black hole. With real wormhole, you can travel in space and time, so I think we need to study it. If we can rule it, it's a really good thing to travel. But we need to learn a lot, to found the answer: how to create it on the Earth. If we can build one, we can go to anywhere and to anytime. The paradoxes can stop the time travelling, but I hope we can dodge this problem.

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